As the world’s first company to unlock the potential of sub-surface Sensors for management of public parking assets, we know what is required to make a product that is safe, durable and fit for purpose. Sitting right at the core of our Parking Overstay Detection System, our sub-surface Sensor is the world’s smallest, safest and smartest.


  • Tiny
    • Measures only 78x33mm (3.1x1.3”)
    • Rapid installation (60-90 seconds)
    • Invisible (100% contained within the asphalt wearing surface)
    • Simple and quick to replace (<1 minute)
  • Trusted
    • Over 10 years’ operating history
    • Millions of overstay events detected
    • Strong evidence to prosecute non-payment of a parking ticket
  • Safe
    • Buried -> no pedestrian trip/slip hazard
    • Buried -> vandal-proof
    • Power supply contains only 1g of lithium
  • Durable
    • Buried -> safe from traffic
    • High strength, sealed PVC housing
    • Lasts up to to 7 years
  • Open
    • Free API for data exchange with:
      • Ticket issuing software
      • Pay parking
      • Digital permits
      • Parking guidance
  • Information
    • Overstay data for enforcement
    • Occupancy data for parking guidance
    • Low latency (less than 5 seconds to ​Server​)

Gateways & repeaters

Sensors send real time occupancy and overstay data to the ​Server​ through a network of wireless repeaters and gateways. Repeaters receive updates directly from sensors and relay parking data to a nearby gateway. Gateways transfer event data to the server over a 3G data network.

Repeaters are battery powered and housed inside standard 50mm poles that parking authorities such as cities use to advertise parking restrictions. When installed repeaters are virtually invisible to an untrained eye.

Gateways are solar powered and are mounted on special purpose poles that are taller than parking poles but nonetheless quick to install. In a typical deployment consisting of thousands of sensors, only a small number of gateways will be needed.

Repeaters and gateways can be rapidly deployed as they:

  • Do not require access to mains power, and
  • Do not require installation permission from third party owners of utility poles or other street infrastructure.


All raw occupancy and overstay events are stored securely on the cloud server. Very low latency means that event data gets from sensors to the server in less than 5 seconds. This parking event data can then be immediately distributed over the internet to enforcement and guidance apps and to other third party applications.

Parking event data can be analysed using a comprehensive and secure suite of business intelligence reports. These reports provide helpful insights into parking activity, compliance and patrolling efficiency by one or more variables including:

  • Date and time period
  • Location
  • Applicable time & other restrictions

In addition to viewing standard reports, users can generate complex queries which can then be saved and refreshed later with new data.