PODS (Parking Overstay Detection System)

  • A. Sensors Tiny (78x33mm) sub-surface sensors, one per space, contained wholly within the asphalt wearing surface & invisible when installed
  • B. Gateway & Repeaters Pole mounted repeaters, installed inside the top section of standard 50mm parking poles. Repeaters transfer parking event data to gateways which communicate with the server via 3G
  • C. Cloud Server The server stores parking event and processed overstay event records and supports a BI reporting environment
  • D. PODS Patrol App Placeholder
Feature Benefit
Tiny sub-surface sensor, invisible when installed
  • No slip or trip hazard
  • Vandal-proof
  • No damage to road structure
  • Sensor is protected
One pass patrolling for time-based offences
  • Improved parking officer productivity and safety
Increased detection of time-based offences
  • Better driver compliance
Current overstay events visible to patrolling parking officers
  • Eliminates unproductive patrolling
Stronger evidence of continuous presence and overstay
  • Fairer, more reliable enforcement
An open system that integrates with any 3rd party ticket issuing software
  • Flexibility and choice
Business intelligence reporting
  • More equitable parking policies
  • More effective resource allocation

Guidance App

Utilising the data collected from our Sensors, we can and have delivered a personalised parking availability guidance app that can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store (and soon to be available on Apple iTunes). Our app shows real time parking availability within a defined area where Sensors are installed and supports both map and satellite views. The app also supports time-based availability searches and can display the current status of Disability Parking spaces.


Dynamic signage

We provide Sensor-based parking occupancy information to elegant, low streetscape impact electronic signage. The Server sends current occupancy information to the signs to display the number of available parking spaces in specific locations. The signage system we supply is completely modular which means more panels can easily be added. These power efficient panels are an inexpensive option to help with planning and traffic congestion.

Vehicle counting

Our ​sensor​ is now optimised for vehicle counting applications. Small numbers of sensors are installed in banks within the roadway’s asphalt wearing surface. A battery powered ​gateway​ is installed nearby. Count data is streamed from sensors to the gateway to the server where users can easily access aggregated data. This is a low-cost, low-impact and vandal-proof alternative to conventional vehicle counting systems such as loop detectors or pneumatic road tubes.