Founded in 2003, Vehicle Monitoring Systems Pty Ltd is a privately held Australian company.

We make a tiny, ultra-low power, wireless vehicle detection sensor that transforms how cities and other authorities manage parking assets. We were the first in the world to deploy technology of this kind to help an enforcement authority locate vehicles parked in violation of time limits (City of Maribyrnong, Australia, 2005).

Our product is protected by a portfolio of granted patents in over twenty jurisdictions around the world. The Australian Federal Court has upheld the validity​ of our patent claims.


We were also first to build a battery-powered fixed camera system for capturing court-grade evidence of dangerous parking infractions (City of Maribyrnong, 2009).

Our subsidiary, Focus International Pty Ltd, was the first Australian manufacturer of on-street pay parking equipment. Focus is also the designer and manufacturer of ​Hong Kong’s dual bay, octopus card operated parking meters​ of which over 10,000 have been operating reliably since 2004.

As an engineering-driven organisation, we have particular expertise in the following fields:

  • Embedded Systems;
  • Ultra-low Power Electronics;
  • Wireless Communications; and
  • Mechanical Design & Assembly.

Having this varied expertise in-house means that we design and build products from the ground up. This gives us an important and enduring competitive edge.

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